What do I need to fetch?

We require all dogs to be spayed by their first heat or at twelve months of age, or neutered by twelve months of age (or earlier if we deem necessary from a behavior standpoint), and to be actively be using a flea and tick preventative. We also need a current veterinary certificate of health verifying the following:
  • Vaccinations for: rabies, distemper, parvovirus and bordatella (kennel cough)

Socialization interview and temperament testing

A one-time free assessment evaluation is required prior to your pup’s first day of daycare or boarding stay. We need to ensure that every dog is placed with a group that has compatible play styles and temperament, allowing them to feel confident and safe. Then your dog will be gently introduced to other members of the playgroup, one dog at a time, to make sure they all get along. After the introduction period, it’s time to have fun!
    While we realize it isn’t always possible, it’s best for your dog to come to daycare two to three times before he/she boards with us for the first time.  Getting acquainted with our staff and facility with ease any nerves or anxiety with boarding in a new environment.
Assessment interviews are by appointment only while we are open. Your dog must stay a minimum of a half day of daycare for the assessment.  Please don’t wait until last minute to schedule your assessment. You can expedite your first day by downloading the forms below. Just bring them and Fido with you and you’ll be all set.  

Reservations ARE strongly recommended!

      • To insure that our playgroups don’t get too big and that we don’t have to turn you away, we strongly encourage that you make playcare reservations ahead of time. You can do that here in our client portal.

Documents needed for daycare and temperament test only:

Additional documents needed for boarding stays: