Playcare and Boarding Prices


  • Half day: up to 5 hours $30
  • Full day: up to 7pm $40
  • 10% off daily playcare for additional dogs                     
  • Early and late-pick up fee: $15
Playcare Packages
  • 10 Half Days $270 ($27/day)
  • 20 Half Days $510 ($25/day)
  • 10 Full Days $370 ($37/day)
  • 20 Full Days $680 ($34/day)

10% discount for active military families


  • DELUXE GLASS FRONT BOARDING SUITES  (4×8)  $60 per night
  • All boarding prices include a full-day of daycare.
  • Multiple dogs from the same household discounted $5 on the second dog; $10 on all additional dogs.
  • All suites include deluxe Kuranda Pet Cots and all food/water dishes. If your dog would feel more comfortable with additional bedding and toys from home, we welcome you bringing those items, but large dog beds are discouraged.
  • Fresh water is provided at all times.
  • No additional charge for administering medication.
  • Discounts given for stays over 14 days.  Not available during Christmas and Spring Break.
  • Rate is for a 24 hour period for a two night minimum stay. $5 extra for a one night stay.
  • 15 minutes of one-on-one time daily is available for an extra $15.
  • Daily brushing is available for $1 a minute (average time for average size dog is 10 minutes).
  • Daily walks available for $15 (weather permitting and not available during peak holiday times).
  • Peanut butter filled Kongs during daily naptime available for $5
Check-in times

Your dog is welcome any time after 7am, but it is better for your dog if he/she arrives mid-day so they have enough time to burn off some energy for their first night away from home.  We strongly recommend drop-off prior to 5pm on weekdays.

Check-out times


There is no set time, our rates are based on a 24-hour period. Dogs picked up after the time they were dropped off will be charged applicable daycare charges. Dogs not picked up by facility close, that have no pre-arranged after-hours pickup, will be charged applicable boarding fees through next departure day.


  • Regular hours drop-off times are between 8-9am and/or 12-1pm.
  • Regular hours pick-up times  are between 8-9am, 12-1pm, and/or 5-6pm.