Dog Bath in Gurnee

Dog Bath in Gurnee

Yuppy Puppy

Best Dog Bath in Gurnee

Looking for the best place that offers Dog Bath in Gurnee? Yuppy Puppy provides your furry friend with a wash and trim or a complete makeover!

When your pup gets especially dirty or needs just a routine bath, we are here with an expert salon to service you. We are staffed with experienced groomers who have over 20 years of combined experience.

If your puppy is a new member of your family, we recommend their first groom between the first 12-16 weeks of their age. We also find that getting a bath first and then following it up with a groom seems to be a great puppy step if your dog is anxious at all.

Our warm bath will relax your dog and then we’ll dry them off using whichever type of dryer most pleasing fit your dog’s tolerance.

After, we will gently clean your dog’s ears, trim their nails, and brush out their coat for a full pampered cleaning service. Our full services usually take around 3-4 hours for a thorough clean and fluff.

If you’re looking for the best Dog Bath in Gurnee, contact Yuppy Puppy today and pamper your pup! You both deserve it! And make sure to check out our Facebook page to keep up with all things Yuppy Puppy!

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Best Dog Bath Ever!

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