Who's Watching Your Dog?

Who's Watching
Your Dog?

Making Tails Wag

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The most important questions you should ask before taking your dog to a daycare or off-leash play are “Who is watching my dog?” and “What formal training have they had?” Safe and effective supervision requires more than having people who love dogs in charge. At Yuppy Puppy, we’ve raised the bar in dog safety and off-leash play. We require every employee to complete 16 hours of training on dog behavior and safe off-leash play, as well as an additional 8 hours of one-on-one training with Brandon Dameron, our in-house dog trainer with 16 years of experience training dogs, before they are given responsibility for any of our precious puppies.

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Pack Leader Training

The formal training focuses on how to proactively use tools and techniques to alleviate stress in dogs, while emphasizing positive feedback for good behavior. We believe in non-physical, positive corrections to stop inappropriate actions. Staff learns to recognize dog body language, different breed play styles and more. Our Pack Leaders are skilled in obedience training to ensure safety during your dog’s stay. If you’ve been to our facility or watched our webcams, you’ve already noticed that even on days where there are many breeds of dogs together, it’s a safe and controlled environment. Your dog can enjoy all the benefits of interacting with other daycare guests while being safe and stress-free.