Dog Daycare in Highland Park

Dog Daycare in Highland Park

Yuppy Puppy

The Premier Dog Daycare in Highland Park

Are you searching for an exceptional dog daycare in Highland Park for your furry companion? Here at Yuppy Puppy, we offer a range of room options that cater to all types of dogs and dog personalities!

We all know that not every dog is the same. Whether your dog prefers a more quiet environment or craves social activities and interactions — we have options for all types of pet personalities! By having a diverse selection of suites, we can ensure that your pet will have all that they need as we provide them with high-quality care at our dog daycare in Highland Park.

In addition to our extensive room choices, we offer enticing add-ons to make your dog’s stay even more delightful. There are options for your dog to enjoy a welcome package with a toy for their stay (and to take home!) along with an assortment of treats; for an extra charge, we can provide that and more! We even offer a special Sunday brunch featuring egg whites, bacon, Greek yogurt, and blueberries served with bottomless distilled water!

That’s not all, explore all of the room services and activities that we offer as the choice dog daycare in Highland Park!

If you are planning to leave your pup in our care for an extended period of time, make sure to take advantage of our high-quality training services during their stay! We offer three and four-week programs that are designed to enhance your dog’s behavior to ensure they return home even more well-behaved than before. Come visit us with your pet before their stay, and together we’ll develop a personalized training plan that addresses their specific needs.

When you’re in need of a caring dog daycare in Highland Park, visit Yuppy Puppy, the premier pet boarding center in the area! Contact us today to hear about what we have to offer, ask questions, and ultimately book your stay.

You can also check out our gallery to see some of the fun times we have here at Yuppy Puppy!

We Love Our Doggy Daycare!

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