Puppy Playdates


Puppy Playdates

Socializing Your Puppy

The first 8-12 weeks

You’ve probably heard or read about how important it is to socialize your dog. Socialization, or the process of exposing a dog to new people, animals and places, results in a more confident and relaxed animal who can enjoy discovering new things. It can also help prevent or minimize future bad behaviors caused by fear of the unknown. One of the most important stages in developing a dog’s personality is the socialization stage, which lasts between 3-12 weeks of age. Most of what puppies learn about socialization occurs in this stage.

Should I Consider Group Puppy Socialization?

Unless you know 3-4 other puppies the same age and size as yours that you can get together with every week for 5-6 weeks, it’s the safest and most convenient option available. Our puppy playdates are a safe and controlled place for socialization to other puppies and people, and they allow for the exploration of novel objects and environments. They emphasize positive controlled socialization experiences and exploration. There is no other place that we know of that is offering this kind of socialization opportunity. We offer the puppy playdates to puppies that are at least 8 weeks of age that are up to date on all required vaccinations.

Class days and times

Our playdates are for 45 minutes every Saturday. We separate the puppies into two groups based on size and weight. We don’t want to scare a cockapoo puppy with the playful energy of a golden retriever or lab puppy. Dogs less than 15lbs will be scheduled from 12-12:45pm and dogs over 15lbs and large breed puppies will be from 1-1:45pm. One hour a week is all the time your puppy needs to reap the benefits of proper socialization.

Book your playdates online and for as many or as few as you want. The cost is $10 per session with no requirement as to how many sessions you must attend.