We rotate dogs throughout the day from daycare to naptime.  Dogs are separated by group. Each group is in the grass area for an hour, the rubber area for an hour and then naptime for an hour.  That gives the dogs the same 6 hours in daycare and two hours in naptime that we used to do with our mid-day naptimes, we just break it up a little differently now.

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Why are there black bags with poop left where the dog pooped?

That is there to remind the Kennel Attendant to sanitize that spot and then come back and rinse with a hose. The dogs are not phased by the bags and it’s in their best interest that we keep the grass clean and disinfected.

Why are dogs kept in those black kennels when they come in to daycare?

The kennels at the entrance to each door are called “transition kennels”. It is stressful to a dog to be immediately be met by a group of dogs upon entrance to daycare. Each dog is left in there to “sniff and be sniffed” until the kennel attendant feels they are ready to enter the play area. All dogs differ as to the length of time they need to be ready for group play. Please trust that our kennel attendants know each dog and breed and are using their best judgement before letting a dog into daycare.